Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bohr model of the first 20 elements

Due to the technical limitations of my software, I will list the number of protons and neutrons of elements 2-20.

Element 2 (Helium): 2p 2n
Element 3 (Lithium): 3p 4n
Element 4 (Beryllium): 4p 5n
Element 5 (Boron): 5p 6n
Element 6 (Carbon): 6p 6n
Element 7 (Nitrogen): 7p 7n
Element 8 (Oxygen): 8p 8n
Element 9 (Flourine): 9p 10n
Element 10 (Neon): 10p 10n
Element 11 (Sodium): 11p 12n
Element 12 (Magnesium): 12p 12n
Element 13 (Aluminum): 13p 14n
Element 14 (Silicon): 14p 14n
Element 15 (Phosphorus): 15p 16n
Element 16 (Sulphur): 16p 16n
Element 17 (Chlorine): 17p 18n
Element 18 (Argon): 18p 22n
Element 19 (Potassium): 19p 21n
Element 20 (Calcium): 20p 20n


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